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Beach Days full of the scents of summer,
bright citrus, coconut, earthy juniper
and fresh sea air.
Perfect for your home, clients, businesses and gifts.
Natural soy and coconut wax candle hand-poured into ambient amber glass jars. Will bring and artisanal and trendy edge to your home or business.
Perfect for your home, business or gifts.
Presented in amber Apothecary style glass jar with a black metal lid. Appealing to craft and modernism simultaneously.
UK and Europe 180 ml Approximate 30 hour burn time. 
Canada and USA 190ml. Approximate 40 hour burn time.
Dimensions (with lid): height 81mm | diameter 65mm. 
Reusable jar.Perfect for your home, clients or as a special gift. 
Each SPÈ candle is made in small batches and hand poured with care.
They are made from organic soy and coconut waxes, pure essential oils and toxin free fragrances.
Coconut and soy wax are natural renewable and carbon neutral, making an eco friendly product.
Coconut and soy are superior because they provide a longer and cleaner burn with a good scent throw. 
Natural soy and coconut wax candle hand-poured.


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