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Me in my Grandmas back garden, Scotland.



Inspiration is all around in the simplest form. For me its all about essential scents, a scent that instantly sparks a base memory or emotion. I find it fascinating that something as intangible as smell can trigger in an instant of an instant such strong feeling or reaction, for the good or bad. Scent, something we cannot see or touch has the power to instantly transport us to a single moment in time, and if positive make us yearn to go back even if just for a few seconds.



Did you know that sense of sight, touch, sound do not travel directly through the brain but smell does, starting in the nose and running along the base of the brain. This could explaining why the sense of smell has such power over our emotions.

For me everytime I pass a rose and get that whif of heady scent I instantly think of my Grandmas garden and more so off her. I remember the exact rose! A big open, almost floppy rose with yellow and peach petals. I would smell that rose everytime I went into the garden, for some reason the scent captured me and fascinated was so intangable but yet so real.

Only recently did I find this photograph at the bottom of a cardboard box in my aunts attic. I never even new it existed but I was so happy to find perfectly captures the memory, my Grandma and the magic that rose was to me.