COMING SOON - Also made in Prince Edward County







Each SPÈ candle is made in small batches and hand poured with care. Each candle is made from organic soy and coconut wax, pure essential oils and toxin free fragrances. They are also a vegan product. Coconut and soy wax are natural renewable and carbon neutral, making an eco friendly product. Coconut and soy are superior because they provide a longer and cleaner burn with a good scent throw. 

Essential oils are known to have therapeutic effects and positive benefits. A Candle is a simple way to enjoy and experience these benefits while at the same being ethereal and magical. Through the use of natural oils and nature inspired scents SPÈ Candles transports you to the wildness and beauty of Scotland while adding an element of simple luxury, calm or celebration to any room.

*For each candle design and scent we selected specific essential oils to reflect their aromatic and therapeutic qualities associated with that candle.


Yvonne Mandel