Spè Candles scents are carefully designed to evoke memories, enhance well-being and bring subtle yet memorable aromas into your home, business and personal spaces. 

Essential oils are selected based on memory and emotional triggers as well as their specific theraputic benefits. For example Cedarwood is a pivotal essential oil because of its grounding and emotional balance benefits.

The following list represents Candles which have been produced or presently available on this site. However as you can tell the mixing and selection of oils is both never ending.

There is options to purchase existent designs or create new scent designs to represent your taste, customer or event. You will find a list of existent designs as well as collection and seasonal suggestions. 

Should their be a particular scent, event or customer you wish to target then lets design the scent together.


Spè Scent Selections and Design.

Aberlour Toasted biscuit, whisky spices and oak moss.

Amber - Warm amber and vanilla.

Baking - almond, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg

Bluebell - Bluebell, oakmoss and vetimer.

BREATH - Lavender and Rosemary

Cabin In The Woods - Sandlewood, cedarwood, bergamot and vanilla.

Caledonia Forest - Scots Pine, Juniper and Birch.

Calm - Coconut, rosemary and amber.

Cedarwood - Cedar.

Cedar and Amber - Cedar wood and amber.

Chilling - Sandlewood, vetiver and frankinsence

Christmas Tree - Scots pine, blue spruce and tangerine.

Christmas - Almond, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg

Cottage - Cedar, Vetiver, patchouli.

Croft (alternative The Cottage) - Bergamot, biscuit and cedar.

Driftwood - Seagrass, sea salt and juniper.

Dog House - For all the millennial and their puppies. Eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary. 

Findhorn - Seagrass, driftwood and juniper.

Fireplace - Birch tar, pine, bergamot and oak resin.

Forest - Cedar, Sandlewood, benzoin.

Forest Violet - Violet, moss and citrus.

Gin, Gin, Gin - Juniper, cucumber, grapefruit and herbs.

Glenarder. Home and inspiration for Spè. Oakmoss, cedar, juniper and vanilla.

Glenarder Lavender. Inspired by Glenarder grown Lavender herb garden. Lavender, sage and chamomile.

Herb Garden: Inspired by the herb garden at Glenarder. Basil, Thyme, Sage and Rosemary.

Highland Spa - Lavender, rose absolute, orange and ylang ylang.

Highland Springtime - Juniper, citrus and Laurel.

Huntress - Moss, balsam fir and patchouli.Wild Highland Rose - Rose, Tuberose and Cedar.

Jet Lag - Revive, refress and wake up. Lemongrass, tangerine and lime.

Kitchen Garden - Rosemary, thyme and lavender

Knockando - Oakmoss, juniper and cedar.

Lord of the Glen - Smoky Amber, oak moss and sherry cask.

Meditate: Sandlewood, vetiver and patchouli.

Lavender - Lavender and ylang ylang

LaOak Moss - Oak Moss

Oak Moss & Amber - Oak Moss, Amber

Obar Lobhair - Oak Moss, pine and burnt birch.

Paris: Cedarwood, amber and cumin.

Pink Christmas - Strawberry, toasted almond, vanilla and coconut.

Quiet Woods - Fir, Blue Spruce and Benzoin.

Revive - Rosemary, Mint and citrus. Awaken the mind and spirit.

Rose & Tuberose - Rose and Tuberose

Rose Garden - Rose

Sea Grass: marine, juniper, pine and thyme.

Shepherdess - Fern, balsam fir, bergamot and violet.

Speyside Forrest (Alternative: Forest) - oak, balsam fir and pine.

Speyside Winter (Alternative Canadian winter/Muskoka Winter). Balsam fir/Douglas fir, juniper.

Speyside Kitchen (Alternative Christmas). Bayleaf, bitter orange, cardomon and nutmeg.

Scots Pine - Scots Pine and Oak moss.

Sleep Tight - Lavender, 

Snow - Spruce, Pine, Citrus.

Tangerine - Tangerine

The Traveller - Sandlewood, rose and lime.

Trees for Christmas (Alternative; Trees). Scots Pine, resin and orange peel.

Up North - Pine, cedar, euculyptus

Quiet woods - Balsam Fir, Oak resin and moss.

Vanilla - Vanilla and Ylang ylang. Warm, comforting and sensual.

Violet - Violet and Benzoin.

Walled Garden - 

Warm Coconut - Coconut, Vanilla, ylang ylang.

Whisky and Smoke - oak moss, resin, birch and white Tonja.

Whisky Cask - Oak Resin, bourbon, vanilla and spices.

YO-GA (alternative YUJ). Uplift, Balance and Energise
Sandlewood and lime.

Yule Tide - Gingerbread and warm winter spice.



SPA: YO-GA, BreathHighland Spa, Calm, Lavender, Meditate, Vanilla, Sea Grass, Driftwood, Huntress, Violet, Jet Lag, Warm Coconut,

SLEEP: Sleep Tight, Lavender, Meditate, Vanilla, Warm Coconut, BREATH

SUMMER: Driftwood, Seagrass, Walled Garden, Wild Highland RoseWarm Coconut, Herb Garden, Highland Spring, Revive

ENERGISE ME, INSPIRE ME! Jet Lag, YO-GA, Revive, BREATH, Grapefruit, Herb Garden, Meditate, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Huntress, Violet, Tangerine, Scots Pine, 

HOME: Speyside Kitchen, Herb Garden,Driftwood, Seagrass, Walled Garden, Wild Highland RoseWarm Coconut, Herb Garden, Highland Spring, Revive,Lavender, Meditate, Vanilla, Warm Coconut, BREATH,Walled Garden, Wild Highland Rose, Herb Garden, Croft, Highland Spring 

SCOTTISH: Whisky Cask, Whisky and Smoke, Aberlour, Walled Garden, Bluebell, Scots Pine, Highland Spa, Speyside Forest, Speyside Kitchen, Findhorn, Driftwood, Speyside Winter, Lord of the Glen, Knockando, Walled Garden, Wild Highland Rose, Herb Garden, Croft, Highland Spring

AT THE COTTAGE - NORTH - CANADA: North, The Cottage, Cabin in the woods, Cedarwood, Caledonia Forest, Scots Pine, Fireplace, Speyside Winter, Speyside Forest, Whisky and Smoke, Whisky Cask, In the Woods

THE HOLIDAYS: Christmas Tree, Fireplace, Pink Christmas, Yule-Tide,Scots Pine, Cedar, Cedar and Amber, Pine and Tangerine, Speyside Winter, Speyside Forest, Pink Christmas, Cabin in the Woods, Caledonian Forest, Whisky Cask, Whisky and Smoke, Cedar and Amber, Quiet Woods, 

STRESS FREE: yo-ga, BREATH, No Stress, Chilling, Calm, Highland Spa, Lavender, Vetiver, Tangerine, The Traveller, 

FOR HIM: Whisky Cask, Whisky, Smoke Lord of the Glen,Cedar and Amber, Fireplace, Scots Pine, Caledonian Forest, Cabin in the Woods, Cedarwood, Old Fashioned, Speyside Winter, Quite Woods, Up North, Chilling, Meditate, Sandlewood, Jet Lag

TIPPLES: Whisky and Smoke, Whisky Cask, Old Fashioned, Gin Gin Gin,

TRAVEL: The Traveller, Paris, Warm Coconut, exotic xmas, Amber, Cedar and Amber,

DOG HOUSE: One of largest growing sectors is pet sector. Apart from associate pet aromas did you know dogs get stressed and have anxiety issues. Even pets can benefit from the aroma benefits of essential oils. 

Woof Woof - Cedar wood, rosemary and Bergamot

Puppy Love - Its all about the puppy's wellbeing. Lavender, vanilla and chamomile.

Walk In The Park - no one wants their home to smell like wet dog? Sandlewood, 

Calm anti anxiety - Cedarwood,  lemon and vanilla. 

Fresh Air - remove pet odours with oil specifically chosen for cleansing and purifying air qualities. Grapefruit, eucupyptus and sweet orange

GAELIC ( UK only). Caim (Gaelic for be watched over). Camhanaich (Gealic for Sunrise). Citrus, pine and   
Baile (Gaelic for Home). Patchouli, Neah (Gaelic for Sweetheart).

SINGLE SCENTS: Scots Pine, Lavender, Rose, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Violet, Bitter Orange, Tangerine, Bluebell, Coconut, Vanalla, Cedarwood, Pine, Tangerine

CUSTOM SCENTS: Select any three scents of your choice and blend for a personalized creation.