Primarly we ship from the UK to all destinations as well as from Canada to all destinations. Because shopify only allows once currency we calculate product costs and shipping cost by we using UK Pound as our based upon UK to Canada Currency rates.

All payments will be charged in UK pounds, based the exchange rate.

For example:

UNITED KINGDOM: Goods shipped from the UK are charged according to British Royal Mail domestic and international charges.

CANADA: Goods shipped from Canada are charged in UK pounds according to Canada Post Office domestic and international charges.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Goods can be shipped to most destinations. Purchaser is solely responsable for any customs duties which may be charged by your destination.

Our intent is to fairly charge for shipping from both our UK and Canada locations.


All delivery times will be confirmed at time of purchase. We make every attempt to ship goods promptly. However we are a small batch, artisanal company and delivery times may be a short period of 2-3 weeks. Please do reach out and let us know if you have any special requests or time restraints.

For special requests, custom or large orders longer delivery times may be longer. However we try to work with our customer to make this as efficient and short as possible.

Thank you for supporting a small - batch company!


For further information contact:

Yvonne Mandel