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Infuse your spaces with nature
For your moments of meditation and transition.
The Ritual candle is bursting with fresh citrus and sparkling bergamot, resting harmoniously on a base of herbaceous oil distilled from the leaves + twigs of the petitgrain tree.
Bergamot is instant sunshine, brightening even the drabbest day. Petitgrain is fresh and woodsy and has a masculine edge. The Ritual aroma profile is neither masculine or feminine, making it the perfect studio candle.
Essential oil benefits.
Bergamot: Balance mood and emotions. Can alleviate depression, anxiety and stress.
Citrus: Boost mental and physical energy. Promote focus, clarity and creativity.
Petitgrain: Calming and relaxing. Uplifting and can assist in calming the mind.
Ritual is part of the SPÈ STUDIO COLLECTION.
300 ml. 40 hrs burn time. All natural ingredients. Made with essential oils.
The STUDO COLLECTION has been created to infuse nature into your home and work space, presented in an aesthetically beautiful and reusable vessel.